Cruel thug laughs as he leans out a moving car and shoves a female cyclist into a bush before speeding away

This is the shocking moment a grinning thug leans out of a moving car and shoves an unsuspecting female cyclist into a bush before driving off. Footage of the ‘prank’ shows a man in a black hoodie reach out of the rear window and push the woman over as she rides alone down a quiet country road.





Another person in the front passenger seat films the incident and laughs as the woman loses her balance and tumbles into the hedgerow at the side of the road. The victim who is wearing a cycle helmet and coat does not appear to be seriously injured by the fall. It is not known where the incident happened or whether it was reported to the police but it appears to have been filmed in the UK.



The video, which emerged on social media yesterday, shows the car slowing down and creeping up on the woman from behind. She gasps as a man in a hooded top emerges from the back window, smirking as he extends his left arm and pushes her over into the bushes.



He quickly ducks back inside the car and the person filming can be heard sniggering as the car accelerates away. Viewers on social media were furious and called for the people involved to be prosecuted.



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