Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera To Figure Out How Her Roommate’s Cat Keeps Escaping The Bathroom And, Well…

This is some “Mission Impossible” escape artistry right here:



Footage from a hidden camera shows the incredible moment a cat scaled a wall to open a bathroom door. Aliyah, who was brought up in Texas, posted the video of her roommate’s cat on Twitter.

The clip shows the cat purr before it jumps on a wooden dressing table. It then rests its left front paw on the door handle as it figures out its next move.




The clever kitten prods at the exit before using its left paw to grapple around the frame and on to the handle. It keeps its back left paw on the dressing table for support and uses its weight to push down on the grip.

As the door starts to creep open, the feline falls to the floor. It effortlessly jumps up with its front paws on the door and uses the momentum to swing it open.




The end of the video shows the cat scuttle through the door with its tale wagging into a dark room.

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